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In Mal's tent
Audrey: (Enters the tent) This selfie is ruining my life!
Mal: Hi, can I help you? (Turns around)
Mal: (Shocked) I mean... that looks great!
Audrey: If by 'great' you mean 'awful' then yes, it's great. Fantastic! Another comment.
Jane: I'm so sorry. I didn't even know I could do magic! I can do magic!
Audrey: Yup. I can do magic.
Mal: You can do magic?
Audrey: We've been over this.
Jane: I gotta go lie down. (Exits the tent)
Evie: (Enters the tent) Everyone is talking about my cupcake disaster! Look at this post! 'Pastry chef? More like pastry death!' I don't think that's a compliment here.
Mal: (Jay enters the tent) Does anyone know how to knock?
Jay: (Gives the lamp to Mal) You're in a tent! Hold on to this for me. It's very important. Nice hair.
Audrey: Really?
Jay: Nope, but I'm trying to learn how to be nice. (Exits the tent)
Audrey: You have to fix my hair!
Evie: Hold up! She's my BFF. She's helping me first.
Jordan: (Enters the tent) Hey! You stole my lamp!
Mal: What? No!
Jordan: Thief!
Audrey: Cool it, Jordan. Mal will help you when she's done with me.
Evie: I think you mean when she's done with me.
Jordan: Did you get paint on my lamp?!
Mal: No biggy. I'll just wipe it off.
Audrey: Hello! My hair?
Evie: Can we focus on what's important? Me.
Jordan: You're ruining my lamp! Gimme! (Exits the tent)
Mal: Stuff like this never happened on the Isle of the Lost. I wish we could all just go back home. (Ben enters and the group disappeared)
Carlos: (Enters the tent with no one in it) Hey, guys! Jay got me a new phone! Where did everyone go? Oh, well.
Digi-image: Flying solo, oh well yolo.