Jane is one of the main characters of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants. She is one of the heroes and the daughter of the Fairy Godmother. Although Jane was a little vain to the Descendants, she is mostly a sweet and shy girl. She wishes to be pretty and Mal changes her hair, though it does not last long. But she also learns that it's not just looks that but kindness and personality as well in the end thanks to Mal.

Jane is portrayed by Brenna D'Amico.


She is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother, and is half-fairy.



Jane has pale skin, brown hair, pink lips and blue eyes with thin arched eyebrows. For some of the movie she has long curly hair but before and after for a while she had short brown hair. She usually wears a long sleeve light blue button up cardigan with matching short skirt which she rips after Lonnie does. She later wears a blue dress with a pink bow on the front. Jane is a sweet and shy girl but after a spell from Mal she acts a little bit vain.


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  • Although Jane has neck-length brown hair in the film, her dolls and Wicked World appearance depict her hair long with red highlights.
  • In the Doll merchandise and in the animated shorts, Jane has long light brown hair with pink streaks
  • This probably means Mal spelled her hair again.
  • In the animated short, "Audrey's New Do? New Don't!", Jane uses her own magic for the first time.
    • It is also revealed that she never knew she possessed magic, and as well showed that she has little experience in using it.