They say I'm trouble, They say I'm bad, They say I'm evil, That makes me glad.
It was from a baby.
I'm not going to some boarding school filled to the brim with prissy pink princesses.
Yeah. I've always wondered what it felt like...for Cinderella, when you just... appeared out of nowhere, with that sparkly wand, and warm smile...and that sparkly wand.
The Fairy Godmother, as in bibbidy bobbidy boo?
Just pick the one that doesn't sound like any fun.
Beware, forswear, replace the old with brand new hair!
Boyfriends... are overrated.
My mom's counting on me! I can't let her down!
I think it's time that Bennyboo got himself a new girlfriend.
No! It says that we need a tear of human sadness.
Hey Bennyboo!
No. i completely understand. be careful of treats offered by kinds of villains.
What was in that cookie?!
Ben just asked me out on... a date!
My middle name is Bertha.
We don't really date much on the island, is more like, gang activity.
I think I'm gonna stay behind and try some strawberries. I literally never tried strawberries before.
Are those little crowns on your shorts?!
I think we are definitely goners.
Beware, fore swear, Undo Jane's hair.
I want to be good.
You didn't think this was the end of the story did you?