Zevon is a character of the Disney Channel animated short series Descendants: Wicked World. He is the son of Yzma. He has a knack for making potions with his dark magic.

Zevon is voiced by Bradley Steven Perry.


Zevon is described as sneaky, wicked, sly and scheming. He has a evil plan to take over Auradon because he wants to fulfill his family's destiny to rule a Empire. Zevon swam for most of the way to Auradon from the Isle of the Lost and then got a ride in CJ's rowboat, in exchange for a full fifty foot schooner. It was revealed that he has a crush on Mal.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zevon is a light-skinned guy with black spiky hair with a turquoise highlight and brown eyes. He wears a black leather jacket with a spiky collar and dark cyan details on the sleeves, a cyan t-shirt, a black belt, dark leather pants and black sneakers.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Zevon has bottles with potions that he made with dark magic and chemical elements.